photoJames Pemberton, a 1973 graduate of SUNY Upstate Medical Center as a Physical Therapist began his career working in a hospital setting. Realizing the private practice sector was truly the right fit, he founded Watertown Physical Therapy Associates in 1979. That practice evolved into 2 areas. The first area being The Spine & Joint Pain Specialists, a division of CANI Spine Center & Sport PT. This is an orthopedic practice with 4 office locations in Jefferson and Oswego County to serve the community. He was first introduced to mechanical care of the spine in 1990 where he met and personally observed Robin McKenzie treating patients. Research has since supported Jim’s passion that mechanical diagnosis and treatment is the most effective non operative treatment for spine and joint pain. As a result he requires all staff be credentialed in MDT.
The second area includes pediatric therapy in Oswego County. The pediatric services known as Pemberton Associates offers not only physical therapy, but occupational therapy, speech therapy, special education services and counseling. These pediatric specialists service children from birth to 21 years of age. Jim and his wife Gail live in Mexico, NY where they enjoy their family and horse farm. Jim is an avid runner, participating in marathons and triathlons.