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    Successful treatment leads to simple prevention programs. Most patients are typically discharged successfully in 5-7 visits. Find out why 98% of our patients are satisfied with the treatment received.

Spine Pain

Bulging and Herniated Discs are the most common causes of low back pain along with sciatica. These lumbar & cervical patients respond 90% of the time and are successfully discharged in 5-8 visits.

Knee Pain

Physical therapy has been shown to have better outcomes than surgery when you have a Mencius tear. ACL/MCL, patella pain along with osteoarthritis patients all respond well.

Shoulder & Hip Pain

Shoulder and Hip pain patients do extremely well. These patients often have rotator cuff, labral tear, tendonitis, bursitis or osteoarthritis problems. Physical Therapy can help there significantly in as little as 3 days.


Orthopedic Rehabilitation is very important after post-operative or post trauma injury. Joint specific physical therapy allows patients maximum benefits after reconstructive or joint replacement surgery so you can get your life back.

Can YOU avoid surgery? Find out in as little as 1-3 days. Over 90% of our patients show dramatic changes with joint specific treatment at Spine Center and SPORT Physical Therapy. This includes patients with knee, shoulder, hip, back and neck pain.

Our McKenzie MDT Credentialed Therapists use specific physical therapy techniques helping you avoid surgery. This results in a faster response to treatment. We have a 98% satisfaction rate at our locations in Jefferson (Watertown) and Oswego (Mexico, Pulaski) County.

What our patients are saying:

After spending time at another facility with no help and few visits left, I came to this clinic for help.

"After the first exam I was able to lessen the pain and sleep at night. After the first week I could move with minimal pain. This was the best experience I have had in awhile. Thank You!!"
Diane-40 years old – Neck

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