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I am very pleased with the results.

"After just 1 visit, I was improved significantly. After 2nd visit almost fully back to normal. The improvement is amazing, not only was the treatment first class but time was taken to fully explain the cause and cure."
James-74 years old – Neck

After spending time at another facility with no help and few visits left, I came to this clinic for help.

"After the first exam I was able to lessen the pain and sleep at night. After the first week I could move with minimal pain. This was the best experience I have had in awhile. Thank You!!"
Diane-40 years old – Neck

I had a wonderful experience and would recommend your clinic to others.

"I especially appreciate that I was taught methods for managing the pain/symptoms that are easy, maintainable and that work with my schedule and overall lifestyle. So happy that I didn't need medications or surgery!"
Elizabeth-31 years old – Hip

My treatment was great.

"I truly thought I had something really wrong with my hip. Your staff assured me they could help and they did. Your entire staff has been friendly and professional. I will recommend your clinic to others."
Lori-47 years old – Hip

Treatment is always on a 1 on 1 basis

"I chose to come back to this facility due to the fact I have been treated at other physical therapy clinics and at this facility your treatment is always on a 1 on 1 basis and that is nice. The communication between patient and therapist is better, so I feel your chances of healing are greatly increased. Thank you all for your concern and treatment."
Terilynn-46 years old – Hip

My experience there was very successful.

"I was amazed with my improvement after the first day. I would come back again."
Kathleen-58 years old – Knee

They always gets me in on short notice...

"or an initial evaluation and work with my schedule for follow up appointments. The Physical Therapist is very knowledgeable as to what treatment is needed to fix the problem as quickly as possible. All the exercises recommended have a at home element which helps improve the injury between visits."
Raymond-61 years old – Shoulder

I was very impressed with everything.

"I have gone to physical therapy before but without the immediate relief that I had with the treatment given at this clinic. Thank you! If I ever experience more pain you will be my first call."
Debra-60 yrs old – Shoulder

My treatment was excellent.

"I admit at first I was very skeptical about Physical Therapy helping me. I haven't had good experiences in the past. I feel very differently now! Thanks for everything you did for me!"
Aisling-59 years old Shoulder

My experience has been outstanding.

Not only relief from pain but thorough education for symptom management and symptom prevention. I enjoyed coming here!"
Mary-74 years old – Back

I had lost almost all hope of living without pain when I came to this clinic.

"I had tried physical therapy previously with no success, but after being told I couldn't be helped surgically, I decided to give it one more try. After my treatments at this facility I have been able to return to all the physical activities I had given up and control my pain."
Tanna-42 years old – Back

I have had severe, chronic pain for 45 years.

"I've tried acupuncture, chiropractors, neurologists, neurosurgeons and pain clinics with no results. Then I went to this clinic and in five minutes 80% of my chronic pain was gone and has not returned"
William-63 years old – Neck

Five visits and I’m pain free.

"I came in with a consistent pain and all the information and exercises I was given made it all better and quickly. I would definitely come back. "

Katie-25 years old – Shoulder